We gave this leading Italian building materials manufacturer some new tools to thrive and succeed. 

Visual Identity Systems • Portfolio Architecture • Typography • Graphics • Tone of Voice • Graphic Design • Packaging design • Shelf-ready & Transport Packaging • Point-of-Sale Design • Corporate Communications

What we did:

What we did:

Redesigned a portfolio with hundreds of products, reimagined the visual tone of voice for the company, and helped Torggler build a stronger foundation for the future.

How we did it:

How we did it:

We began this design overhaul with strategic re-segementation of the product portfolio and conceptualisation of the communication hierarchy across each pack. This approach unified the hundreds of products within the portfolio, whilst improving the usability of the products on the construction site. We further brought the bold brand red to the forefront, ensuring visibility and strong brand presence even in most busiest retail or usage environments.