Brand Identity Design • Visual identity Systems • Logos • Colour Palettes • Typography • Graphic Design • Imagery Styles • Brand Guidelines • Naming • Tone of Voice • Brand Narrative & Storytelling • Strategic Positioning • Portfolio Architecture

Needed when:

  • The brand doesn't exist yet and is being built from scratch. 

  • The brand exists, but has not been updated in a long time and is loosing its relevance.

  • New competitors are overshadowing or copying the brand's visuaity.

  • The branded portfolio is inconsistent and needs unification or clear segmentation.



Graphic Design • Structural Design & Innovation • Iconography • Illustrations • Photography • Prototyping • Shelf-Ready & Transport Packaging • Product Photography • 3D Visualisation

Needed when:

  • A new product is in need of packaging.

  • The existing packaging lacks usability, is not functional, or is logistically inefficient. 

  • The existing packaging does not support the brand positioning.

  • The visuality of the packaging needs to be refereshed or updated.

  • The packaging needs to work in different markets.

  • The packaging does not support the consuming experience.



Point-of-Sale Design • Posters & Banners • Corporate Collateral • Sales Brochures • Catalogues • Events & Trade Fair Environments • Branded Websites & Digital Experiences • Product Campaigns • Product Advertising

Needed when:

  • The products visibility needs to be enhanced with in-store promotion.

  • Your product launch needs to be supported by a promotional campaign.

  • You are in need of branded sales and communication tools.

  • Your trade fair visibility and presence needs to be improved.



Prototyping • Product Packaging Testing • Manufacturer Sourcing • Quoting & Price Benchmarking • Production Management Support

Needed when:

  • A supplier or manufacturer of packaging solutions is needed.

  • The existing packaging is too expensive or inefficient.

  • You need assitance managing the purchasing process of packaging.



Production Visit & Consultation • Ideation & Co-Creation Workshops • Trend & Market Insight 

Needed when:

  • An expert advise is needed on your brand or packaging.

  • Packaging and production can be optimised.

  • You seek fresh ideas and new perspectives.



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