Peltolan Blue Cheese

Branding and packaging, as elegant and sophisticated as innovative.

Brand Identity Design • Brand Narrative & Storytelling • Structural Design & Innovation • Illustrations • Shelf-ready & Transport Packaging • Point-of-sale Design

What we did

What we did

Found in the heart of Finnish nature and forests, Peltolan needed to transform the branding and packaging for their blue cheese which was being left unnoticed in stores. The product is anything but ordinary — made with care and devotion, this cheese stands out with flavor and texture.

The free roaming cows that produce the milk for the cheese are fed on red clover flowers which gives Peltolan its unique and distinct taste. Further, the company prides itself on using locally grown ingredients and on the nature that surrounds the estate. Because of this we adopted the strategic direction of creating a premium brand, whose packaging can intelligently depict a slice of Finnish nature on the table.

How we did it:

How we did it:

We built a sophisticated visual world for this brand seeking to reflect both the pure beauty of Finnish nature, as well as the humble character of the company. The brand language is subtle and sincere but intelligent and texturized. Offering unexpected moments of hidden discovery, miniature graphics engraved in the wooden patterns depict the farm, the cows and the landscape. Complex structural innovation, allows for this packaging to stack, offering invaluable opportunities for effective point-of-sale displays.